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Become a member of Midtown Business Association (MBA) and get involved with a great group of people and MBA’s activities. MBA covers multiple neighborhoods throughout the Omaha area. We invite all businesses in our coverage area to participate.

Meet the Officers

MBA is composed of people in multi-department business to owning their own business.  Just as we have this variety of members, we also have the same variety of people on our board.  This variety of work experience makes our Board special.

Luncheons & Networking

Want to meet more people and expand your business?  Come to  our membership luncheons or to a networking event and YOU will have the opportunity to meet many people and possibly expand your business experience.

Mission Statement

Established in 1980 from a group of 11 Midtown business people, MBA has grown to over 180 members with a mix of small and large corporations and businesses, with both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. The basic mission of the MBA is to support the Midtown business community through:

Recognition of business facade improvements and new businesses
A forum for friendship and interaction between all businesses, competition or other
An influential voice in city politics and Midtown civic and political decisions
A driving force for business development in Midtown
Monthly lunch meetings with speakers of interest to the business community
A sincere love and concern for the historical and important Midtown area

Bonnie Jacobs

Welcome Statement from President

Midtown Omaha is known as a great place to work, do business and live. We attract business and engagement from people throughout the metro by being at the center of it all. Our location – in the heart of the city – means we enjoy a rich history and an ever-changing future through our connections to downtown and surrounding areas. As our local population, transportation and zoning evolves, the Midtown Business Association keeps our membership connected with topics and activities that impact us. Together, we learn about and influence the bright future of our district. 

— Sidney Gnann, MBA president

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