Midtown Business Association began as the MedCenter Merchants Association, which first met in August of 1980. The original members – a small group of merchants – were encouraged to join by Clarkson Hospital and the University of Nebraska Medical Center. The purpose at that time was to spruce up the neighborhood from Park Avenue to 52nd Street, and Leavenworth Street to Cuming Street.

    The first order of business was to urge companies within that area to improve the appearance of their property. Plaques were given to those who did improve their property. This award continues today with the Neighborhood Improvement Awards.

    The organization is now known as the Midtown Business Association. It has grown to include 180 members, five officers, and an executive committee of 15 members. The Midtown area has grown into Midtown Crossing, the Blackstone area, the Leavenworth area, and many more growing neighborhood areas. The organization continues to advocate for a healthy Midtown business community.

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    President – Leah Jipp

    Midtown Business Association, it is my pleasure to serve as your 2020 president. I am honored to be a part of this organization. Midtown businesses, both large and small, are assets to the Midtown area and the Omaha community in general.

    I am proudly employed by Mutual of Omaha where I work in corporate real estate. Day-to-day, I manage field office projects across the country. I can say in all the cities I see, Omaha is truly special. Midtown is filled with great people providing great services…. let’s inform everyone it is worth the trip!

    Vice President – Judy Alderman

    Judy Alderman has lived and worked in the midtown area for over 40 years. Following a 28-year career at Mutual of Omaha working in marketing, communications and training, she spent seven years as the tour coordinator at Joslyn Castle. Today, she spends time at the Omaha Visitor Center helping local and out-of-town guests appreciate what the city has to offer, especially in downtown and midtown. As a past president, Judy strongly believes in the value the Midtown Business Association brings to midtown, and is proud to be part of this dynamic organization.

    Treasurer – Dale Marples

    Dale Marples works for CFO Systems, a group of chief financial officers who work part-time for businesses that do not need a full time CFO. He works for businesses of all sizes and in various industries. Dale’s interest in MBA is to support an organization that has an interest in helping businesses located in Midtown Omaha. He encourages businesses to have a strong voice about the development of the area and also encourages them to join MBA for mutual support.

    Secretary – Karen Burbach

    Karen Burbach works for the University of Nebraska Medical Center. UNMC was among the founding members of the MedCenter Merchants Association, which later became the Midtown Business Association. Together, UNMC and the MBA have played important roles in developing a healthy and vibrant midtown. She says it’s a pleasure to serve on the board.

    Past President – Paul Swanson

    Paul says the MBA is a wonderful organization, and the business owners he has met are professional and engaging. The MBA Board of Directors constantly are looking for additional benefits for the membership. The monthly luncheons have interesting speakers with topics that are timely and pertinent to Midtown Omaha.

    Executive Committee

     2020 Board:

    Leah Jipp – President (Mutual of Omaha)
    Bob Perrin – Vice President (J. Robert Perrin; AIA Architect)
    Karen Burbach – Secretary (UNMC)
    Jen Bartholomew – Treasurer (Nebraska Medicine)
    Paul Swanson – Past President
    Jeff Abdo – Business Furniture Cleaning
    Tony Thomas – Farnam House Brewing
    Todd Porter – VCA Animal Hospital
    Bonnie Jacobs – Security National Bank
    Mick Whelan – Whelan Law Office
    Judy Alderman – Joslyn Castle
    Michele Shearer – Habitat For Humanity

    Meet our 2019 officers, in order of appearance left to right: Dale Marples, Leah Jipp, Karen Burbach, Judy Alderman, Not pictured: Paul Swanson

    Active Past Presidents:

    Craig Carlson- Mutual of Omaha

    Peggy Case – Security National Bank

    Judy Dye – National Indemnity Company, retired
    Cindy Faiman- Security National Bank, retired
    Chris Kilroy- Edward Jones
    Val McPherson- Allied Reality Inc.

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