In 1980, Clarkson Hospital and the University of Nebraska Medical Center enlisted the aid of eight businessmen in the area to act to stop the deterioration of the neighborhood.

Preserving and improving this historical part of Omaha was appealing, so these businesses met over lunch once a month to plan the project. They began by improving their own facilities and then urging others to do the same. The idea took hold. Today MBA is comprised of more than 100 businesses and professional entities.

Each year, MBA recognizes businesses with Neighborhood Improvement Awards, and this activity encourages investors to come back to the area. Social service agencies, new apartments and new businesses have moved into the area.

Nine times a year, luncheons are held to inform the members, to receive input for more activities and to provide networking opportunities.

MBA has adopted Yates School, a special study center (now known as Integrated Learning Program). Each year, some of MBAs annual dues to to support the school. In addition, a group of dedicated MBA members has committed to six years of mentoring at-risk youth.

The most important product of this association is the cooperation and friendship that has been developed among the members. Solving both social and economic problems is now seconnd nature to competing businesses.

Area improvement; harmony among health care providers and the business community; friendship among competing businesses; programs to help troubled youth; an influential voice in city politics; recognition of personal achievements and property renovations; and love and concern for our great city – these are the aims and products of the Midtown Business Association.

Pat Almgren
Founding Member

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